B&B Industrial services Inc. was established in 1986. The owners and staff brought years of refractory experience to the newly organized company. The keystones of our success are:  Reliability, maintainability, quality, service and fair prices. Working in close partnership with clients, engineers, refractory manufacturers and specialists in our ever-changing industry, we have devoted our time and resources for several years to extend the service capability of our organization to ensure customer satisfaction and care.

B&B Industrial Service, Inc. has successfully completed over 4,000 projects in its 29 years. This experience includes work in over 100 industrial facilities in 31 states including Hawaii. Our company is licensed in several states as a Specialty Contractor and recognized throughout the industry as one of the nation's top Refractory, Scaffolding and Mechanical contractors. We offer our customers a financially stable construction partner with the necessary resources to deliver projects safely and effectively. Headquartered in Fontana, California B&B is an active construction leader in the process and industrial plants providing daily maintenance crews. 

As a nationally known industrial maintenance service company, B&B performs maintenance and scaffolding projects from coast to coast, with locations in California, Utah, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. Total employment ranges from 20 full-time employees to over 300 field employees on any give project. 

Our privately held organization remains steadfastly committed to the basic values that have enabled our continued growth. Our strong commitment to our founding philosophies has resulted in the building and maintenance of enduring business relationship leading to the development of key business opportunities. Our privately held organization averages over 150,000 man-hours annually installing refractories in the manufacturing, energy and mineral processing industries.

B&B is committed to continuous improvement in cost efficient approaches to our customers' maintenance needs. We are one of the few remaining Refractory contractors that continue to supply scaffolding and demolition services to our customers.

With over 2.8 million dollars of company owned equipment, we supply our customers with the security of knowing that the equipment will be on time to start and complete the project. We are able to offer all of our customer's favorable pricing on any project.

We are a single source for our customers in supplying procurement and construction. Over 80% of B&B's current work is in providing experienced maintenance crews, scaffolding crews and equipment to the energy and industrial processing industries. Our demolition services accounts for 20% and is also performed on projects where we are not installing the lining. 

B&B approaches construction by working closely with our customers to understand our role. Customizing our processes to resource selection to optimize safety, quality and cost effectiveness for each customer. Success begins at the top, and B&B understands the importance of goal alignment and partnership with our customers.

We measure our success by performance. Our management team drives the work process and systems in areas as estimating, planning and scheduling, turnaround performance, safety, productivity, and training. However, our workforce is the primary ingredient to success in our maintenance and performance contracts. B&B differs from our competition by the amount of resources of experienced supervision and craftsman that we are capable of providing on every project.                                                                                 

 Our continuous improvement goals, is specifically designed to create a work environment where our people are expected to challenge status quo, look for new ways to perform old tasks, drive out unnecessary cost, eliminate safety risk, and free up recourses and information flow. The results of our goals speak loudly for its self, with over 29 years of providing our service to the industrial industries.   

B&B strives on providing quality and service to our customers. Our field supervision, crews, and field engineering supported by our management can create the diversity needed in any given situation, to service our customer's needs. In providing an efficient and quality service, our customer receives cost effective refractory, design and installation. Our sales and field service personnel will always provide prompt service and high quality installations.

We realize that our customer's engineers and maintenance personnel cannot keep pace with all refractory technologies. Therefore, as your contractor, our job is to keep you up-to-date on new products and the latest installation methods.